Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The male equivalent of the Little Black Dress

My friend, Zan Carter asked this--What is the male equivalent to the little black dress.
Here is my answer--
Raif tapped lightly on the door to Chris's hotel suite. She opened the door quickly. "Wow!" she gasped. "You look as if you stepped from the pages of GQ. You wore the Armani." The navy blue double-breasted pin stripe with a starched white button-down shirt and a red silk tie was elegant.
He gulped at his own little surprise. Chris was decked in the definitive little black dress: satin, strapless, fitted, stopping at mid-thigh. High-heeled Roman sandals accentuated her muscular calves, and an onyx choker punctuated her long slender neck. Her short, dark blonde hair lay in perfect layers. Over her shoulder he saw a set table, complete with candles.
Raif nodded as his eyes roved over every inch of her body. His dimples deepened in appreciation. "I'm flexible. Dining in is good."
Chris slid her hands up his arms as she whispered, "It gives us time together."
Raif shook his head. "Not enough." He pulled Chris to him and kissed her as he had only fantasized before. He maneuvered her to her bed. Dinner was the last thing on either of their minds.
If you want to know more about elegant dressing, check out my book, Lucky Thirteen, from which I took this excerpt.

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