Sunday, December 10, 2017


What a Beautiful Name It Is
And His Name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. And He shall be called Immanuel (God with us). And the angel to Joseph, "You shall name Him Jesus, for He will save His people."
God with us…Savior…Mighty God and Everlasting Father…our Wonderful Counselor…our Prince of Peace…What comforting thoughts.
You are not alone. He knows how you feel, how you hurt. Regardless of what you are going through, He is with you.
You are fully known and fully loved. He knows your darkest sin, and loves you; your greatest fear, and comforts you; your biggest regret, and comes to remove it—to cast it as far as east is from west.
He came that Christmas Day that you can be set free from whatever it is that enslaves you. He gives peace that passes all understanding. You are not alone. You are fully known and fully loved.
Whatever enslaves you, give it to Jesus. "Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus—shattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toys. Give them all to Jesus, and He will turn your sorrow into joy."
Today, know Him and love Him. His name reminds us that He knows our name and loves us. What a beautiful name it is: Matthew—Gift of God; Nathan—God Gives; Mary Catherine—Bitter Innocent; Caleb—Whole Heart, Loyal; Samuel—Heard of God.

Immanuel—God with us. He knows your name. Know His name today. Jesus—He came to save His people—all who would believe—Y


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Did you really think Quazel would go quietly? The ultimate witch!
Spirits' Desire

Happy Halloween!

A little Halloween treat for you for the taking. Might have a bit of trick thrown in

Happy Halloween!

You want a witch? I give you Quazel.
King Satin's Realm

Happy Halloween!

A little Halloween treat for you for the taking. Might have a bit of trick thrown in.
Lucky Thirteen

Happy Halloween!

I thought I share a "ghost" story to make you smile.

The Phantoms of Trace Road
A Creative Non-fiction Memoir
Janet Taylor-Perry

Stemming from the fact that she was an only daughter of four children and I was an only child, my cousin, Jeannie, and I were very close growing up, more like sisters than cousins. I was a city girl, having been brought up in the big metropolis of Laurel, Mississippi, while Jeannie was a country girl, having grown up just outside Laurel in the Shady Grove community. The biggest difference in our upbringing, the amount of light that shined in our windows at night.
The darkness out in the country proved to be one of our greatest adventures as well as one of our biggest blunders. After our good friend and other troublemaker, Jenny, was grounded as a result of one of our mishaps, Jeannie and I stayed close to home, her home, for a while. After watching “The Midnight Special” late on Saturday, we would sometimes walk in the woods. Our walks were well lighted, sort of. We would frequently don silky white bathrobes and placed a flashlight under the material, giving ourselves a ghostly appearance as we moved slowly through the woods near Jeannie’s house. Some of the best stories we heard were about The Phantoms of Trace Road. Oh, we were extremely scary.
Jeannie would tell me about friends at her high school asking if she had ever seen these apparitions as they appeared so near her house. Jeannie would feign fear. “No! You have me too scared to go in my own backyard.”
However, that is exactly what we did. We went into her backyard and down the road a piece. Of course, her parents were sound asleep. They would have skinned us alive.
As fate would have it, the next Saturday night we dressed in our ethereal costumes, and the moon was not to be seen. As a matter of fact, a storm was brewing. Lightning flashed now and then, but the rumbling was still at a distance. Nonetheless, it did add to the mystery of The Phantoms of Trace Road.
Jeannie and I walked slowly and deliberately in the heaviest wooded area near her house and the road. The wind wafted our garments around us as if the silk were floating in the air. The eerie glow from the shrouded flashlights cast a pall. Never before had there been any gruesome sounds to accompany our silent haunting. Sound would have been distracting. A distant rumble of thunder was not terrifying, but the sudden screeching of tires and the grating of metal was horrifying, yea, petrifying!
The Phantoms of Trace Road froze. The car skidded to a stop in the ditch less than a hundred yards from us. Being a specter was so NOT funny as a groan came from the occupant of the vehicle.
The Phantoms of Trace Road found a shred of life and disappeared into the confines of the crypt of Jeannie’s house. As the man who had swerved into a ditch at the sight of two ghosts, knocked on Uncle Bill’s door to ask to use a phone to call a tow truck (This was long before cell phones and at a time when one felt safe to knock on a door.), two phantasms slept the sleep of death. The man told Uncle Bill about the figures in the woods. Uncle Bill said sleepily, “You really saw something?”
“Yes,” said the man. “I ran off the road looking at it.”
Uncle Bill walked outside with the man. “Where?” he asked. The man indicated where he had seen the spooky display. The rain started.
Uncle Bill told the man, “Well, there’s nothing there now. Come in and call the tow truck.”

As the tow truck pulled the man’s car from the ditch, Uncle Bill cracked Jeannie’s bedroom door. “Boo!” was all he said before he went to sleep. Alas, the demons were exorcised, never to reappear, the fading light completely extinguished.