Thursday, July 27, 2017

Student drawing of Larkin Sloan from Lucky Thirteen

2009 rendition of Larkin Sloan by my student Patricia Nance. She drew this as I read the following:
Larkin slipped behind the curtain and put on the dress. It was an exquisite article of clothing, made of the finest linen and silk. If she were donning it for another reason, she would have been ecstatic. The dress would have been exactly what she would have chosen for her wedding…

Lying like a sacrificial lamb upon the altar, Larkin tried to lift her arms, but they felt like lead. A glance up toward the suspended goat's head, made her stomach churn. She rolled her head to see Ray. He stood with a hand behind his back. Knowing that hand was on his gun, flooded her with relief.
As midnight approached, the women made a semi-circle on one side of the altar while Latrice stood with her back to Ray. The ceremony began with Latrice sipping something from the ebony goblet and passing it to the left. Each woman drank until the cup got back to Latrice. The women began a low, rhythmic chant, "Adveho, meus dominus, adveho." ("Come, my lord, come.") From the folds of her robe, Latrice retrieved a handful of dried flower petals and sprinkled them over Larkin's torso at the same time saying something Ray recognized as Latin…

Larkin's eyes darted about as she heard the same sounds and felt the vibrations through the stone. Even though she was helpless, she understood much of what Latrice said as she recalled her high school Latin. Expio quod restituo ordo, vitualamen para virgo. Cruor of tredecim mos pario Gremory protelo quod debello chaos…

Larkin's mind raced. Gremory? Is that an actual demon? Lucifer can't be the only fallen angel with a name. Angels have names. Do these nuts think sacrificing a virgin will summon a demon? They're calling for one to come. I feel spirits here, moving.
The women's chant reached a crescendo. Latrice raised the dagger above her head as she spoke, louder and louder, repeating the phrase six times. At that moment, Ray heard only one word, Larkin's almost inaudible, "Ray?"

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