Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yes, I was both captivated and tortured by this piece. I'll get the tortured part over with first. It's like the bad news/good news. Frank! If you had an editor, fire him/her and hire me next time. If you didn't have an editor—well, just hire me next time. I'm inexpensive by industry standards. As both a former English teacher and a freelance editor, the were quite a few grammatical nits that on occasion took me out of the story and I had to force myself to concentrate on the tale being told.That being said, the tale itself is CAPTIVATING. I absolutely love Morgan and found myself wondering how much of the story was autobiographical. Having had a few "internet" dating fiascos, I empathized with Morgan on a deep and personal level. I found myself rooting so hard for him to find love, and I hope there's a sequel in which he just stumbles onto that perfect someone without looking. Yes, like Morgan, I'm a hopeless romantic.The descriptions of Russia had me looking for the pictures so that I could more fully experience Morgan's journey. During his walk when he met the little Russian chick that took him to a very scary place, I actually spoke out loud to my Kindle and told him not to go with her! There are a few times that he comes off as a bit na├»ve and immature, but that made me want to protect him all the more. I just know he's going to come home and MAYBE discover the love that's been right in front of him forever—perhaps with Kim????Please, Frank, write a sequel for Morgan and me. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. This is a tale well worth the read. You will find yourself captivated.

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