Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My new project

Ain't no Mountain
Book 1 of
Gods and Children

Salmyra is a world in ruin. For centuries, the factions fought, until they all but destroyed one another. Still, they fight. They fight for food. They fight for fire. They fight for fun. But none fight for, or with, honor.
Teenage triplets, Tornabolt (Tor) Taekeyla (Tae), and Terkoyze (Terk) in a post-apocalyptic world are told they are Elementals reborn and embark on a quest to find and free their father—a deity that sired them. Their search takes them to other worlds and puts their very existence in mortal danger; and once their powers do manifest, they realize that alone they are nothing. Only together can they overcome the evil that almost destroyed their world.

They are the hope for the future of Salmyra, but can they withstand the darkness that shrouds their home and threatens all they hold dear?

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