Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dragon Breath Press

I just started my own publishing company. Any publisher that charges you to publish is vanity press, so, you might as well just go indie! I charge for editing, proofing, cover design, marketing, and take % of your %, probably 15%. I will have things printed through Createspace, and you would only pay for the books you want printed and shipped to you, along with a contract stating the above. If you want to go directly with Createspace, they do not charge to publish! Just to print. And they send your book directly to Kindle, which I would also do for you.
Any book, print or ebook, sold I get a percentage. BTW, I will also format it for Createspace, who I will use for printing. I know several authors whose small publishers use Createspace for printing. Yes, there is a fee for editing, proofing, cover design, marketing.
Editing is per page. A page is 8.5 X 11 double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins all around, sent to me as a Word document. $1 per page IF no major grammatical changes needed. If I get a document that needs major work, it goes up to $2/page. Great incentive to send a fairly clean document. Grammar changes are required. Content is suggestions, and I'll be glad to email or talk on the phone about those with folks who live too far away to meet face to face. If/when I need to hire out to a second editor, I'll, by necessity, have to increase price.
Proofing will be a set price, $100-200, depending on length of book after formatting. An extra-long book will be more and open to negotiation.
Marketing, I'll do as a retainer, $250 for year one, dropping drastically to $100 for year two, and after that, the author will be responsible for their own marketing. Even early, I expect my authors to set up somethings for themselves since I can't be in your home state or all over the country. I will expect authors to promote themselves at conferences, workshops, etc. I will make available as many as I know of. Some of them can be quite expensive. Even big publishers today require authors to do a great deal of their own marketing.
As for cover design, I contract that out to I will need to negotiate price, but they have done all my covers, and you get to "sign off" on the final cover.
I'm just getting started, so some of this might change a little. I'm still having my logo designed and getting my website ready. Just filed EIN two weeks ago and got my LLC set a few days after that. Hey! You could be my debut author!

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