Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February flowers in Mississippi in Lucky Thirteen

When I was workshopping Lucky Thirteen, I was told that the following just couldn't happen, and I reassured all my snowbound friends, that this was February in Mississippi, that the three flowers mentioned could well be in bloom. Below, I have captured all three in bloom in my front yard this day--February 22, 2017.

All in all, February 13th, was the perfect day for the couple. The wedding was informal and held in the morning. The groom wore a simple, but elegantly cut tailored suit while Chris chose a cream-colored, street-length satin and silk dress that resembled a ballerina’s costume with a soft, flowing, romantic tutu. She wore the shoes Lindsay had chosen, flats so she would not be taller than Raif. Before only family and their closest friends, among freshly sprung daffodils, beneath Japanese magnolia branches heavy with bloom, between rows of azaleas and under a brilliant azure sky, they were married at the Reynolds’s beach-front home in Biloxi in the gazebo. Larkin caught the bouquet on a deliberate aim from the bride.

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