Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Epiphany by Gemma James

I read the first draft, then the second, but never got the last three chapters. FINALLY!

Epiphany is dynamite! It's an easy read and never lacks heart-pounding pace. I am so glad to know this is the first in a series. Gemma James has created a masterpiece, and I am now itching to read the sequel.

Yes, secrets do have a way of coming out as both MacKenzie and Aidan discover. I am forcing this novel into my daughter's hands and then my daughters-in-law's hands.

It is one of the best romantic suspense and paranormal mixes I've read. The characters are believable, not over-the-top or downright weird. Just the psychic part is enough to make them special. I'm glad to see they were not "weird" or deformed in some way that would make them less appealing.

Gemma, grab a bottle of champagne so that I can toast your success with you. Bravo, lady! Well done. I am proud to call you a friend and honored to be classified as an author with you.

Janet Taylor-Perry


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