Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Calling all indie bookstores! Support indie authors!

Calling all indie bookstores! Support indie authors beyond your backdoor. Reach out and carry books by authors from other states and/or countries. Being a little fish (indie bookstore) in a pond with great big barracudas (You know which ones) swimming around is hard. It's just as hard being an indie author. 

The conglomerates won't carry us because we can't give them a "buy-back" clause. So? I big-name author's publisher sends 1000 books to Big Bookstore and only 5 sell. The publisher buys back the other 995, which make it look like a sale. Is it? Or is that cheating.  

Little indie author can't even get on their shelves. So, little indie author goes to Small Local Bookstore and leaves 5 books. All 5 sell. 

Big Bookstore won't even accept 5 books from a local indie author to see if they sell. So, little indie author reaches out to other Small Bookstores around the country. Little indie author even agrees to ship books and pay for return shipping if they don't sell. AND links Small Bookstore to little indie author's webpage. Come on! Support one another.

Small Bookstore, I would like to know how to contact you about carrying my books. You can contact me at Note that all my cover work is done by a former student of mine. You can go to my webpage and check out more about each one.

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