Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In honor of National Black Cat Day:

A Sonnet for Satin

If there was magic in Frosty’s old hat,
Then there was enchantment in my sweet pet.
It came in the form of a small black cat,
The dearest creature that I ever met.

His name was Satin for the smoothest fur.
His love was the unconditional kind.
His magic could be heard in his soft purr.
He was the best pet I will ever find.

But, oh, what sadness in my heart was wrought,
When the magic left creating dark space!
Never a battle with him had I fought,
And nothing his sweetness can e’er replace.

     The magic drew his final ragged breath,
     Leaving an emptiness in me in death.

And there's a hero black cat in this book. Read about him today!


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