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This is a great way to share a hard lesson learned. Hopefully it will be read and can help others. The story is 5 stars. But I'm reviewing this as an honest author, EDITOR, and friend. The cover deserves 10 stars. That is one awesome cover. I settled on four stars for this reason--Janice Singleton, you had better hire me as your editor next time. I found a number of grammatical issues that a good editor should have caught. I know Janice paid for that service, so... Well, next time, hire me.
In recent days, I've had pretty bad experiences with the press. I feel Janice's pain on many levels. I am proud she has set an example for many to see and internalize. There is nothing that God leads us to that he won't lead us through. I'm proud to know this wonderful lady. I recommend this book highly for the emotional and spiritual impact

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