Saturday, February 14, 2015

I read all three books of 50 Shade of Grey. The first book was more than amateurish. James seemed to be stuck on one dialogue tag--murmured. And poor Anastasia only knew one way to move--clambering into bed, into the car, up the stair...

Book 2 was better written. So I guess the author learned something, but then Book 3 was so predictable I could have written it for her.

All that aside, the story is disturbing. I know emotional and verbal abuse. I've seen more than my share of abuse among those I love. This story glorifies that. The attached review hits the nail perfectly dead-center on the head.

I had thought to go see this with my daughter--NO! She  has enough on her plate than to make an abusive relationship the norm. Too many young girl will embrace this as okay. I will not be one to encourage it.

Please read the review.

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