Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bad Reviews

A bad review is even less important than whether it is raining in Patagonia. ~Iris Murdoch~

Fellow, authors, take note. Weigh in with your comments. PLEASE!!! Is there any such thing as bad publicity?

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  1. Well, If you are just getting started and trying to sell books and you keep getting 1 or 2 stars, then I think that is bad publicity. But then bad reviews might actually be helpful. I learned from one that my start was too boring and long. I then cut parts, shortened parts, and moved my heroine's entrance to the third chapter. So a negative review was useful to me! On the other hand, so reviews themselves are bad. "I'm so exited about this book! I ordered a copy and can't wait to read it!" ?!? or "What a dumb idea! This book must suck! I'm not going to waste my time reading it!" ?!? My sister has seen way too many reviews like this on Amazon. As a reader/customer, how is she supposed to judge a book she has never read based on the opinion of some one who never read it either! Yikes!